San Francisco 49ers Beer Fridge

49ers Beer Refrigerator

San Francisco 49ers Beer Fridge

Keep your beverages chilled at all times with our San Francisco 49ers Beer Fridge!

The sports beer fridge is a perfect addition to any home! You’ll be throwing parties every night with our beer refrigerator! You’ll want to stay in your room with our 49ers sports ice chest! This sports refrigerator will make your friends come over all the time! Pick up your very own 49ers NFL beer fridge!

The beer refrigerator is red with faint football impressions on the background. All of the sides of the fridge feature the name of the team “49ers” with a red circle with the initials “SF” in white.

The refrigerator can be warmed up to 149 F and get as cold as 41 F. The refrigerator can be used with an AC or DC adapter. The fridge can hold up to 24 cans of your favorite drink. The chrome latch tightly secures the door. The refrigerator measures 11 W x 14 D x 17 H. The refrigerator is licensed by the NFL. Refrigerator weighs a total of 15 lbs.

Please allow one to two weeks for shipping. All refrigerators are made to order

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